NO CHALLENGE IS TOO BIG- ONLINE CLASSES :The education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing one’s confidence. The pandemic situation has opened new doors to learn, new opportunities to explore and has triggered new normal way of learning with increased use of online learning tools. This mode of education can be stepped towards revolutionizing the education system as never before.
Despite many advancements in technology the blend of technology and education has some challenges to throw light upon and find the best ever possible solution.

“Education is the most powerful weapon on which you can use to change the world.”


                Students can learn a lot from being in the company of their peers. In online event there are minimal physical interaction due to which the students find that they are not able to work up to their potential.
Body language and the eye-contact which are the two important cues for the faculty to understand a student is now difficult in online learnings. The best way to resolve is to proactively interact which in turn helps to understand the expectations of course clearly.

    The convenience of online learning can encourage poor study habits. The presence of other people, easy access to other websites for entertainment and the ubiquitous mobile phone can keep the learners highly distracted.
    The best possible solution is to find a productive workspace and switching off other gadgets is highly recommended
    The internet-based course demands that learners develop a good personal time management skill. If they don’t find to manage the time properly, they have strong chances to find themselves buried beneath a seeming insurmountable mountain of coursework.
    The best way to resolve this is by building and maintaining an effective daily and weekly schedule. Which creates a sense of familiarity and accountability which strongly helps in planning and time management.

    The students with disabilities had a concern regarding the availability of study material in appropriate formats. Teachers are apprehensive about teaching effectively without the use of touch to students with learning disorders, autism and low vision. The lack of effective education may further aggregate the high dropout rate of these children from school.
    Unfortunately, one of the biggest disadvantages of online learning continues to be cheating through various methods. Compared to traditional classes, online student can cheat on assessment in their own environment and while using their personal computer.
    Additionally, without proper identity verification system in a place, students taking online assessments might be able to let third party take the assessment.
    The best way to resolve this is by anti-cheating measures must be put in place by the institutes which does the automated ID verification and use the machine learning to detect fraudulent test-takers.
    One of the biggest concerns is about the health hazards having their prolonged duration spent in front of screen causing physical and mental health issues such as headaches, eye-strain, stress, anxiety, feeling of isolation, boredom, disturbed sleep patterns and food habits. Also, students develop a bad posture and other physical problems due to staying hunched in front of screen.
    The best way to resolve is to take adequate number of breaks from screen to refresh their mind and body, practice yoga regularly and taking a healthy diet.
    The sudden switch to e-learning has caused anxiety and raised questions among the learners about their academic future. Also, relying solely in online education may hinder holistic development of children and many may underperform in personal life.

Every challenge is silver lining in a dark cloud as it teaches us to face every new experience with utmost confidence and shapes us to come out with the best solution.

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