Anne with an E': The best moments between Anne and Gilbert – Film DailyBased on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s popular series Anne of Green Gables, Netflix’s Anne with an E was incredibly well-received. The show follows the story of the adoption of orphan Ann(e). She is wide-eyed, optimistic, dramatic, and we’re here for it. She is the harbinger of joy and color in the otherwise unexciting lives of Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. The books follow her misadventures, her friendships, and her purple prose. More lighthearted than the show, the books generally focus on Anne’s development as a character and the change in the mindset of the people of Avonlea towards orphans. Anne of Green Gables (Anne Shirley Series #1) eBook: Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Kindle Store

The show, on the other hand, tackles several social issues such as racial prejudice, sexism, slavery, something the books shy away from. It also vividly portrays the trauma that Anne previously experienced while working as a “nanny”, as well as how that affected her as a young girl.

While the show takes generous liberties with the narrative, it does so in an extremely refined manner. Text-to-screen adaptations tend to fail spectacularly on this front, with the adaptations being borderline unwatchable. The creators remain true to the characters with everyone having their own arcs.

Even when adding new plot points and characters, it makes sure that they are well-developed and not hasty additions made to fill a quota or made to call the show “original”.

Both the book series and the show have left an everlasting impact on me. They are both perfect coming-of-age stories, with the show adapting the narrative to fit the modern context.

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