English has a huge space in world of communication. Various factors opened the way of English toan international level. Historical and political reasons are there. The establishment of colonies in various parts of the world allowed the entry of English into those countries. As the language of the rulers, English got more acceptance in a large number of countries where English was introduced as a foreign language particularly suitable to use as a language for higher education and also as a link between two persons from different places.The international organization like the UN, the UNESCO, WHO, and so on accepted English as their medium. The world leaders who speak different languages felt the need for a common language, and the lot fell on English. English is also the medium of International Airtraffic. English is a rich language with rich literature. Books on science and technology are available in plenty in English, and so it is the best medium for education in these subjects. English is spoken as the first language in several countries. It is used as a second language or a foreign language in almost all other countries. So now English has a vast realm to reign.but what would be the future of this language?
The course of the English language is going to be influenced by those who speak it as a
second or foreign language as by those who speak it as a mother tongue. The total number of mother-tongue speakers in the world is steadily falling when it compared to the number of second language speakers. As the numbers grow, and second/foreign speakers gain in national and international prestige, it is likely that some of the traditional rules of concord change according to the fashion of New Englishes .The new varieties of English will become powerful and prestigious. Though there are few studies about this, we can see several of these linguistic features increasing in their respective countries. New words are introduced and these words first come with some effort but soon become popular through the continuous use of the same.In the past it was wrong to use the language like this, But today the new words will be accepted as correct usage. Thus linguistic features are raised from a national level to an international level. These days, regional national varieties of English increasingly are being used with prestige at the international level.And the nature of the reaction also well illustrates the nature of the problem which all New Englishes encounter, in their early stages.English is developing as a strong non-native presence and at all levels. There is a trend around the English speaking world to approve many expressions that were penalized as local and low class. How far this trend develops depends on economic and social factors more than anything else. If the people who use these new varieties become more influential, attitude will change and shortly we shall find ourselves an English language that contains large areas of contact influenced vocabulary borrowed from other languages.There are constant change in English which made by the speakers especially the second language speakers of English.Some of them considered it as degrading one language,but linguists accepting it as positive.We have to understand the fact that the growth of this language all over the world is due it’s nature to accept all the changes!Do you think there will be englishes for each country in the future?

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