HEALTHY FOOD 2 HEALTHY LIFE, the food we eat is the can be either the safest and the most powerful form of medicine for our body or it can be the worst and slowest form of poison for our body. The food we choose makes a lot of difference in our health as eating healthy, clean and nutrient rich food fills your body with energy nutrients and antioxidants which is the vital part for our life. It is most important to take care of what we intake because when our diet goes wrong even expensive medicines can not help us to make a healthy living and when our diet is perfect there is no talk of medicine.


Nurturing yourself is not selfish as it is very essential for your survival and for healthy living. It is very true that we can not control everything happening outside but we can definitely control what we allow to go into our body. Taking care of your body must be everyone’s first and foremost priority as it is the only place we have to live in.  Today more than 95% of all the chronic disease is caused because of our choices we make in consuming our food, toxic food ingredients , nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise. Our body can definitely do it but it is the point of our mindset and we must train our mind to have healthy food.

We forget our health in order to have money in abundance but we always forget that we can’t enjoy the amount we earned without health as health is the true bank account where proper diet is your savings. The most common mistake we all commit is we focus on how much we eat rather than focusing on what we eat. The food we eat and about 80% of the food on shelves of supermarket today really didn’t exist a century back. When you change your diet congrats you have taken a step forward to change your entire physiology and you can heal!


Obviously the best way to live a healthy life is healthy diet but there is yet another cheapest medicine “LAUGHTER” which anyone can afford this prescription. We human beings are the luckiest in the world as we have the great gift of laughing but there are very few people who really enjoy its advantages. Laughing is also a therapy which can heal many of our health problems. We must definitely do and the best part is you can do it right now!


   Eating healthy and right makes us feel very energetic and active through out the day and the best and most efficient pharmacy is within our own system. Health is a state of being in complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit and when one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions the gate of happiness (check out my previous article IKIGAI-JAPANESE SECRET 4 HAPPY LIFE) opens. It is a great asset but the part to worry is that we don’t recognize appreciate and be grateful about unless we have been depleted it. So it is very clear that health and happiness are connected more so than we are often not aware of


Healthy lifestyle gives us clear mind and clean soul. The creativity is the fragrance of the true health. When a person is truly healthy and whole creativity comes in every field of his or her work ,naturally with him and thus increases the chances of success. do check out how easy to have healthy diet

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