Mental health is crucial and integrates a component of health. Mental health includes an individual’s psychological, emotional and social well-being. Proper mental health results in the proper mental functioning that result in being productive in activities, healthy and fulfilling relationships with other people and having the ability to cope and adapt to adversity. Proper mental health is essential in every stage of life – from childhood and teenage to adulthood. Throughout a lifetime, an individual can experience mental health issue at any point. This affects not only their mood and behaviour but also changes their way of thinking, of looking at life and facing challenges.Even though mental health is a highly personal thing, what affects one person may or may not affect the other person; however, some significant factors contribute to mental health problems. These factors include life experiences such as trauma or abuse, biological factors such as genes or chemistry of the brain, and even the family history of mental health problems can affect an individual. Poor mental health is also linked with stressful work conditions, rapid social changes, gender discrimination, gender discrimination, social exclusion, physical illness and human rights violation.

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