Everyone has their own definition for love. It’s a special gift that god gave to everyone . Love doesn’t only mean the relationship between a boy and a girl . Love is everywhere . We love our parents , friends , profession , passion , pets , sports , bikes , etc . Everyone is surrounded by love. we just need to understand it.There are no reason to love. Its a magical feeling that should be felt. True love does not see beauty , shape , skin contrast , flaws. It sees only the inner beauty and true heart. We like people for their actions , words , deeds. But its not enough to love a person . When we love the person , we believe them blindly without any reason . Any flaws with appearance doesn’t matters. Only the heart matters! Have you ever felt true love? Ask yourself . It’s the unconditional love and care that someone give to us without expecting anything in return . It’s precious . If you have some one who loves you truly, never leave them. They are our treasures to be nourished. The love does not have any form .It can only be felt , so feel the love around you . Love depends upon the understanding of two hearts . There can be fights which should build the relationship but should not develop our ego. “Ego” can be defined as the arch enemy of love. When ego starts in relationship , its the start of fall of love. In love , both are equal . We should not dominate over their wishes and wills. Everyone in the world wish to be independent . Everyone wants to fly . Try to fly with your loved ones . It makes your life happy and meaningful . Don’t ever give place to your ego and dominism . It rips your love apart.

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