Different is good, and being different is what makes us stand out in the world.

Doing the same as a competitor but trying to be better will end up being a pure resources game. You may outmanoeuvre someone for a bit through some smart thinking, a sharp eye for an opportunity or sheer luck but in the end, superior resources will do for you.

If you’re constantly looking at what peers are doing, trying to beat them at their game, you’ll end up being just like everyone else. If you do what everyone else is doing and follow the crowd, you will only reach as far as the others. Your only point of differentiation will almost certainly end up being the lowest price, devaluing your product and hurting your bottom line.

Before you even think of learning how to be different from the crowd— accept your true self. Know your strength and weaknesses. This will help you to fix all the lapses making you feel like garbage. Recycle that garbage “you” without throwing yourself away for something different and better. I don’t care whether you are cute, ugly, richer, smarter, stronger, ambitious, or super-intelligent than me. The most important thing is I am at peace with who I am and what I have. Just be content with what you already have. Envy is a disease. Self-love is the real answer. After accepting who you are— you need to be in charge of everything that defines you. Be proud you are different from them. Don’t allow people to disillusion you. Whether you like it or not people will find something bad to say about you. Forget them. You are not here on earth to impress anyone. Fake life is a disease. The moment you decide to be real to yourself and the people around you, the better you get to know those you genuinely love you. Your thoughts may mess up with your brain by comparing yourself to certain people in your society or on social media. Your friends, families, co-workers, colleagues, etc, may try to ridicule your looks, beliefs, and dreams. You need to concentrate on what makes you happy. Trash all the negative talks. Let it flow over your ears like water. Even if you will ever compare yourself with anyone, it should be sensible enough. I mean make sure you are doing your comparison with the right people. You can’t compare an orange with an apple. Orange with orange may be called a healthy comparison but I do not even recommend it. Be different and be proud.

It is true that improvement and growth are always the ultimate goals in all walks of life. But at times, striving for direct improvement is not enough, a different approach is required. Questioning the traditional setting of things and assessing its utility for the present and the future becomes imperative.

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