Gandhian social order is a new World order that a new civilization devoid of exploitation and inequalities. In order to fulfill this target, Gandhi envisaged a new system of education called basic education. It is designed to provide for an all-round development of individual along with the development of society. Gandhiji said “by education I mean an all round drawing out of the best in man and child literacy is not the end of education not even the beginning”. Gandhi insisted that the content and method of education should be formulated to see the concept of society that we planned to build. This new scheme of education aims at overall personality development of a student. In this scheme of education a child develops both character and a sense of social responsibility so that the individual and social goals are complementary and not competitive as they are today.It always stress the need to teach students in their mother tongue to preserve our languages from the over importance of English and his philosophy of education is also rooted in our culture.
What is the relevance of this idea in the present era? Gandhi insist on education which includes both practical and theoretical which is actually lacking in our education system.The present education is only concentrating on the book based learning and students never got an opportunity to explore the other part of education.The all-round development should be there in order to mould a perfect citizen.Nowadays education become a stressful activity due to its competative nature.The competition in studies only brings frustration among students for achieving good marks.The purpose of education is not just marks but a good level of character formation.

Basic education does not recognise any difference between intellectual labour and manual labour and the knowledge and work are two sides of education like two sides of a coin and moreover it will arouse the spirit of cooperation and togetherness.It is through a craft ,amidst real life situation and child can learn all the values required for a healthy living. Therefore need of the hour is working mind and thinking fingers. Here the work, knowledge and joy should go together. In this new scheme of education, a child can develop self confidence, joy of creation and independent thinking etc.Basic education stands for a new outlook and a new approach that is learning to live together in cooperation with the follow beings.

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