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While the world is battling against Covid-19, fighting for life against the virus for 2 years now, Israel and Palestine have been fighting for life over decades. You would have come across posts in social media supporting for both the parities. When I came across them, I was dead confused as to why war was being waged now in the 21st century and hence began the frantic search for answers. After gathering information from a lot of sources, I’ve curated all of them here so that you can finally understand the issue and formulate opinions.

The History:

The fight between the two parties isn’t new. It has been on fire for 100 years now.

Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire and with an Arab majority. Britain took over Palestine after the World War 1 and the region has never been the same since.

Palestine was home to both the Arab and the Jewish community, with a higher population of Arabs. A crack developed when, in 1917, Britain declared the Balfour Declaration which stated:

“His Majesty’s Government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”

This declaration fuelled the Arabs as it sided with the Jewish community, leaving them stranded on the land which was shared by both.

Around the same time, The Holocaust of World War 2 resulted in Jews seeking refuge in Palestine to flee from the oppression. Hence the population of Jews increased, leaving both Arabs and Jews in positions to equally claim land for their community. This new circumstance changed the dynamics of Palestine considerably as now, both parties held powers and where hell bent on claiming territory.

The British rulers left Palestine around 1948, unable to settle the dispute. The UN’s solution of splitting Palestine into two states for each party was accepted by Jews and was declined by the Arabs. This led to ‘The Catastrophe’.

Jews, having accepted the solution proposed by the UN, declared the creation of their state, Israel. But Palestinians objected it, leading to ‘The Catastrophe’.

Division of land:

During the catastrophe, Jerusalem, the region which was claimed by both parties, was divided between Israeli forces in the West and Jordanian forces in the East, making the land the epicenter of the issue.

April 2021:

Things took a devastating turn since April 2021, the month of Ramadan. Reportedly, there has been clashes between Israelis and Palestinians as eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem caused rising anger leading to clashes between the police and Palestinians.

The future:

The state of Palestinian refugees, sharing of Jerusalem as capital, creation of a Palestinian state are some of the issues which keep both the parties to be at loggerheads. An agreement to these issues can lead to relieving some tension in the region.

Hope steps are taken to solve the issues in the near future to avoid this violence and make sure nothing of this sort never happens again.

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