Dark Academia

Maybe Covid-19 brought out sides of people they never thought they would be. No way you are the same person in and out now vs 2019. With everything from school to job going online, our entertainment has also been limited to our mobiles. Instagram, TikTok (banned now in India), Tumblr and other video streaming platforms became our full time entertainment. Maybe this is the reason various aesthetics bloomed in social media. Cottage core, Dark Academia, City core, grunge and more such styles are being popularized on social media. For many, this maybe the first time they hear such words. The ruling aesthetic of all is the ‘Dark Academia’ style.

What is Dark Academia

Dark Academia is a style which is a mix of Greek, Gothic inspirations associating with literature, radiating a moody vibe, dark and almost evil. The style romanticizes academics, showcasing musty, tea stained books, Greek university architecture, tweed coats, trousers and cardigans.

The Dictionary meaning of the Dark Academia aesthetic explains everything, and draws you into its world:

Dark Academia refers to a new aesthetic style that draws inspiration from the classic Greek arts, writing, architecture, deeply infused with Gothic elements and concepts of death

Fashion and Dark Academia

With the aesthetic on trend, influencers and other creators were quick to catch up and introduced a whole new wardrobe drawing huge inspirations from ‘Harry Potter’ and other classics’ style of dressing. The style makes people incarnate in themselves a vintage, nostalgic feeling, making them feel like home. The contents on Instagram with #DarkAcademia will invite you to a world that would feel eerily familiar, as if it belonged to another realm but is embodied in our present world.

The style involves substantial use of wool sweaters, heavy knit cardigans, tweed coats, trousers, plaid skirts and amber shoes. The theme of the aesthetic majorly sticks to dark and moody colors of terra-cotta, burnt sienna, beige, off-white, burgundy and more. Shades of brown are emphasized more and layered clothing is preferable. The style goes with minimal accessories: thin wired gold neck pieces, specs, leather bags and books.

Gender Neutral

The aesthetic is not limited to or emphasizes on one gender only unlike others. The coats and blazers of the dark academia color palette showcase all genders, thus attracting more people this 2021.

Androgynous vintage blazers are representative for the Dark Academia aesthetic. It is a style that can be worn by anyone who does not fit into any gender definition.

-Dilara Scholz, a researcher in fashion history at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Why 2021?

Dark Academia aesthetic isn’t something that bloomed in the 21st century. It is a style that densely borrows from 19th century literature and Greek architecture. So why is it trending in 2021? The answer to this is the pandemic. The lockdown made us all go digital. Students are major followers of the Dark Academia trend. With schools and colleges shut down, it is only fair to reminisce abut the good old days of 2019, when it was normal to cough and receive a ‘Bless you’. So, choosing a style that lets students connect with what used to be theirs is not surprising. As dark academia focuses on books, caffeine and universities, it explains the bloom of the aesthetic in 2021.

Dark Academia Starter Pack

Here are a few Pinterest images on the Dark Academia aesthetic to interest you:

Dark Academia – A mood board

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