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India Needs 1.3 to 1.5 Billion Tonnes of Coal by 2030

  Due consultations were held for finalizing India's approach for negotiations at COP 21 and prior to signing the Paris Agreement.   As per Economic Survey, the demand for coal is expected to remain in the range of 1.3-1.5 billion tonnes by 2030. Coal is the most important and abundant fossil fuel in India and accounts for 55% of the country's energy need. Commercial primary energy consumption in India has grown by about 700% in the last four decades. The current per capita commercial primary energy consumption in India is about 350 kgoe/year. Coal is not only the primary source of energy in the country but is also used as an intermediary by many industries such as steel, sponge iron, cement, paper, brick-kilns etc. Similarly, with increase in growth of industries using coal, their demand for coal has also been increasing; hence, there has been an overall increase in the demand of coal over the years. Being an affordable source of energy with substantial reserve, coal is going


 Biodiversity is soul for life!!💚

Biodiversity has become an important issue on the global arena. The 
importance of biodiversity is increasingly being recognised as of vital concern on the local, national and international levels. The challenge is how to find practical and workable ways to increase biological diversity. Obviously action needs to be taken on the governmental level. However there are also ways that individuals, and groups of individuals can begin to act on their own right and help create ecological change and increase biodiversity.

The issues and challenges around achieving biodiversity are many and therefore likely require many solutions in order to be find the most effective solution, or combination of solutions, for a given area.

One highly effective solution which has recently emerged is called a “Rewilding Stick”. Rewilding Stick is a highly-scalable method suitable for leveraging the planting efforts of either a single individual, or of a large group of individuals.


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