Cyclone Yaas cross Odisha, Bengal : It is supposed to intensify into very severe cyclonic storm. It is likely to move towards West Bengal, adjoining Odisha and coasts of Bangladesh. IMD’s Ranchi’s meteorological centre recently warns nearby states for heavy rainfall and also issued an alert in Jharkhand due to the cyclonic storm.

A low pressure area formed over the east central Bay of Bengal and adjoining sea today and this is supposed to turn into very severe cyclonic storm which will affect West Bengal and nearby areas on 26 May.

Cyclone Yaas as per meteorological reports:

The low pressure area is very likely to concentrate into a depression over east central Bay of Bengal by tomorrow, the 23rd May morning. It is very likely to move north-northwestwards, intensify into a Cyclonic Storm by 24th May and further into a very severe cyclonic storm during the subsequent 24 hours. ” the IMD said.

cyclone yaas

As per the pictures taken from satellite and information by meteorological centre, it would move further towards north west. The Ranchi meteorological centre also issued an alert related to a moderate to high thunderstorm and stormy winds blowing around with speed of 50km/h which is likely to appear on 25 or 26 may. In the areas most prone to cyclone, it is estimated by IMD officials that wind speed around Odisha, West Bengal and coasts of Bengal would reach upto 100km/h and will even increase thereafter.

It has been only one week since the tauktae storm hit the coasts of Gujarat. It caused a huge destruction there and in neighbouring areas and also a minor effect in northern states.

The NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) teams and Indian Navy are already keeping eyes on this. They are ready to assist the people of areas which are expected to be affected majorly. Light or moderate rainfall on other areas and heavy rainfall on areas near West Bengal, Odisha is expected. Heavy rainfall is also expected on 27 may on some areas.

Fisherman are already informed before and were advised to stay away from sea areas since 23 May. Apart from that, the railways around this region i.e. south western railways are also cancelled. As per sources around a dozen of trains are cancelled for 24 May to 26 May keeping the yaas cyclone in concern. And it is estimated that if cyclone won’t stop after 26, then cancellation of these train will step ahead further.

The effect of this cyclone will start appearing since 24 May with rise in wind speeds in nearby areas. The wind’s speed will gradually increase from 40 km/hr to 50 km/hr and at the time of arrival of cyclone it will end up reaching 100km/hr.

Today there was also a meeting held related to this by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. He held a meeting with several officials of government to review the preparations done in advance for this upcoming disaster. Many ministers were included in this meeting including our home minister Amit Shah and some representatives from National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and some other ministers to review the preparations.

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