We all know that stress can’t help solve the problem, it cannot reduce our health issues, pay our bills, help us find a job or share our responsibilities but still everyone finds themselves in stress one or the other day. We probably cannot get hold of our stress at once but we can surely try and control other things that help us to reduce it. Managing stress is most vital issue that everyone faces nowadays. It does not mean vanishing stress but it is a subjective and personal concept that differs from person to person. Everyone differs in their own way of managing it.

Managing stress means talking control of your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, environment and habits. Stress cannot be directly solved there are innumerable factors involved which can help us to cope up with it. The more you reduce your stress level the more happy and healthy you live. When we hear or experience something that is turning everything against us, increasing our problems or anything that makes us feel stressed our heart pounds faster, blood pressure increases and you breathe faster. Elder people may even face a heart attack. Stress can even case irritation, insomnia or other such ailments.

Identifying the reasons for stress-

This isn’t an easy task as it seems. Sometimes you may not really have problems that you can identify but you may still stress a lot. This may be due to factors that you truly don’t believe are the reasons for your stress like procrastination or taking excessive rest when you have so much workload. One can maintain a notebook and write down about incidents that make you feel stressed.

Stop unhealthy ways of coping with stress-

A lot of people adopt unhealthy habits to cope with stress. Like, smoking, drinking, taking drugs, taking excessive sleep or taking sleeping pills, taking out stress on others or making busy schedules. All these can help in short-run but in the long-run it has negative impacts.

Healthier ways to cope up with stress-

Exercise, do yoga, meditate or play with younger children.

Express your feelings to someone you can trust on maybe a friend, your partner or your parents.

Develop a positive attitude towards life and stop giving emphasis to what is problematic in your life rather focus on good elements.

Embrace yourself- love yourself and take care of yourself. Do what makes you happy rather than acting or doing things to meet others expectations.

To sum up adopt a healthy lifestyle.

By Janhavi21

Future administrator and lifelong humanitarian . I am an undergraduate student from Lady Shri Ram college, Delhi university who loves to explore and learn new things. Being empathetic, I want to work in social sector and contribute towards society.

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